About Us

Experienced Team, Dedicated to Quality

Classic Cars by Renucci is a small, privately owned company dedicated to producing a high-quality classic vehicle reproduction known as the CalSpyder®, using modern techniques and processes, many of which are drawn from the owner’s twenty five years’ experience in the international automotive industry.

The company was established in 2005 in Phoenix, Arizona and moved to Flagstaff in 2009. Production began on an updated and improved version of the CalSpyder, a re-creation inspired by sports cars of the early 1960s. The classic style takes its cues from several of the most popular European sports cars of the time including the cherry red convertible featured in the 1986 movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off .

Custom Built Sports Car

All CalSpyder projects are handled personally by key members of the company. The size of the team has been intentionally kept small to ensure that the handcrafted quality of the CalSpyder is maintained. A limited number of cars are produced each year. Although previously sold also as a kit, the CalSpyder is only available as a complete turnkey.

Rod Wright and Tom Wright, CalSpyder's production team

Leading the CalSpyder build team are Rod Wright and Tom Wright.

This father-son team has been working together since Rod (left) was ten years old, when they began building racecars. Their efforts have lead to a distinguished presence in oval track racing, having earned many trophies along the way.

The majority of CalSpyder construction is done ‘in-house’ including the body, chassis frame, fuel tank and more.

Additional work, including interior trim, front grille and side vents, is undertaken by local craftsmen with the highest attention to detail. The front grille and side vents, for example, are not modern ‘chrome over plastic’ but are handcrafted and polished in aluminum by a skilled ‘old school’ artisan with more than forty years’ experience.

Engineering Excellence

Owner Mike Renucci believes the techniques and standards used by major OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) are equally appropriate and effective in the classic car reproduction business.

The team has implemented many of these automotive-industry standard processes into the CalSpyder design, development and assembly. For example, the company expends equal engineering effort on the quality and excellence of ‘under the surface’ components as it does on the exterior.

Because all those involved share the same enthusiasm for and dedication to the CalSpyder, these high engineering and build standards are consistently maintained.

Quality Assurance

As a final quality check, each completed CalSpyder is taken on a 100-mile ‘sign-off’ drive to ensure all components are performing correctly and to provide opportunity for any fine-tuning.

The final product reflects Renucci and his team’s engineering excellence, attention to detail, and craftsmanship. A full bumper-to-bumper warranty of 6 months or 6,000 miles is included.

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