Classic Italian-Inspired Design

We give as much consideration to the interior as we do to the exterior and engineering components – and make it completely customizable. Classic-style instrument panel, contoured leather seats and quality Nardi steering wheel enhance your driving experience. Make it truly personal with your choice of finishes including supple high-grade leather, coordinated (or contrasting) carpet and floor mats, chrome trim, console options and more.

  • CalSpyder Nardi Steering Wheel
  • CalSpyder Black Interior with Red Floor Mats, driver's side
  • CalSpyder Black Interior with Red Floor Mats, passenger's side
  • CalSpyder Black Interior with Red Floor Mats
  • CalSpyder Tan Interior
    • A wide array of interior colors (both leather & carpet) is available
    • Modern 3-point retractable seat belts are fitted with a choice of color to match the interior
    • The full range of Classic Nardi steering wheels is available with matching gearshift knobs
    • Chrome trim pieces are included for both gearshift and hand-brake levers.
  • CalSpyder with Bone Interior Dashboard
    • Features a classic custom-made, customizable cockpit-style instrument panel.
    • Traditional gauges are labeled in Italian for true authenticity.
    • Dash-mounted minor instruments are set into a handcrafted polished chrome trim ring.
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  • Instrument panel typically includes:

    • Speedometer
    • Tachometer (Rev Counter)
    • Oil Pressure
    • Water Temperature
    • Fuel Level
    • Voltmeter
    • Clock (or Oil Temperature gauge)
  • CalSpyder Tan Leather Interior Seats
  • CalSpyder Tan Leather Interior Console & Dashboard
  • CalSpyder Classic Controls for Stereo
  • These images show just a few examples of select CalSpyder® interiors.

    New car customers can choose any of these interior designs, or use them as a starting point for features to include in their own custom design.

    Can we build one for you? 

  • CalSpyder Tan Leather Interior
  • CalSpyder Steering wheel, Dashboard & Pedals